Wicker Chair Production Materials PE Rattan And Real Vine Contrast

- Jan 26, 2018-

1, durability comparison:

PE rattan pollution-free, durable, anti-UV, while the real vine, although there are appeals, but the price is PE rattan dozens or even hundreds of times, so the same effect is PE rattan or real rattan consumer natural knowledgable.

2, the degree of environmental protection comparison:

PE rattan feel comfortable, high temperature combustion will not produce any toxic and harmful gases, can be 100% recycled. The real vine, though there is the effect of comfortable and environmentally friendly, but the lack of environmental protection features, the use of real vine is more harmful to nature, and most importantly, the number of real rattan rattan is scarce, the market is almost a chance encounter.

3, aesthetics contrast:

PE vine thickness consistent, but uneven thickness of real vine. Of course, according to the market, real rattan rattan chairs are expensive, but according to the aesthetics, rattan rattan is less beautiful than PE rattan. Although real rattan is close to nature, its damage to the environment is great. Therefore, as a consumer, we should choose PE Rattan