Two Different Structures Of Wicker Chair Durability Test

- Jan 26, 2018-

In today's society, people are pursuing the beauty of nature and harmony back to nature. As an ancient furniture variety, rattan furniture has always been favored by consumers because of its romantic and elegant temperament and simple and free pastoral atmosphere. At present, the rattan furniture in the market presents diversified forms. The traditional all rattan furniture is unique in its natural charm and still occupies a certain market of rattan furniture. The ways in which the rattan furniture, metal rattan furniture and plastic rattan furniture are used in combination are also greatly affected Welcome, and heralds the new trend of development of rattan furniture. However, consumers are beginning to pay attention to the quality problems of rattan furniture under the increasingly strong consumer awareness of rational consumption, such as loose structure, moisture-proof and mildew-proofing. Whether rattan furniture quality assurance, how to strictly control the quality of rattan furniture products, quality testing whether there is a scientific standard norms, which have become many consumers, manufacturers and vendors focus of common concern.