The World's Manufacturer Of Outdoor Patio Furniture

- Jun 28, 2018-

Perfect Line Co., Ltd, originating in China, is the world's manufacturer of outdoor patio furniture. Its products are rigorous, meticulous, and trend-setting. They are not only high-end consumers' furniture but also long-term suppliers for many hotels and resorts.

Outdoor patio furniture is the ideal choice for outdoor swimming pools, gardens and terraces and so on. Many celebrities and royal families have purchased outdoor patio furniture to decorate their own homes and palaces.

The environment-friendly PE rattan used in outdoor patio furniture is superior in texture, comfortable in feel, extremely resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and has excellent resistance to changes in climate and humidity; anti-ultraviolet rays, weak acid and weak alkali, never fade; only need to use clean water rinse for easy care. The internal frame uses lightweight aluminum materials and few welding joints to maintain the firm shape of the product. And using traditional handicraft weaving techniques, each detail reflects the exquisite detail.


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