The Status Of China's Outdoor Furniture Industry

- Jun 28, 2018-

There are more and more companies nowadays, and the consumer groups are certain. If you want to share a piece of outdoor furniture, you need to make every effort to attract consumers' attention.

       Services are not sloppy

       The competition in the outdoor furniture industry is becoming more and more fierce. All companies are fighting for designs, styles and offers. In fact, price and design are important, and service is also essential. On the other hand, if the price of the two companies is similar, but the quality of your service is good, I will definitely choose a bit more expensive because the long-term use of furniture, such as outdoor furniture, is not easy to replace, and the relative pre-sales design Service and after-sales installation services must be followed. Pre-sales service is done by every company. What we are talking about is the improvement of service details. In addition to tailoring and making the most suitable outdoor furniture, we must also increase the variety of outdoor furniture after it is sold. The quality of the problem. In today's industry, manufacturers and distributors who do not have a good sense of service are difficult to establish, and good furniture must abide by the principle. Flicker customers are fundamental to brands not doing well. It succeeds, but this danger is always there. You don't know when the bomb will detonate, or be careful. The irresponsibility of the company will cause the dealer to centrifuge.

Green production health long stay

       With the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements are not only simple and practical, modern people pay attention to health, after all, the body is the capital of the revolution. If the capital is gone, nothing will be castle in the air. Outdoor furniture is no exception. Environmental protection has entered our eyes.

In particular, atmospheric pollution, land pollution, and water pollution in China are still serious. As the largest country of outdoor furniture production in China, the environmental protection of materials needed in the production process of outdoor furniture has profoundly affected the quality of China's environmental quality. It is important to choose a paint with good environmental protection in order to create green furniture that suits consumers’ minds.

Electronic platform is essential

       Many companies began to expand from a single brand to an overall outdoor furniture and customization category. To do this extension, first of all, companies must have a strategic thinking, must have this kind of thinking, and start doing this very early, today. Can be made.


E-commerce, WeChat marketing, big data marketing... The development of mobile Internet has also created more opportunities for outdoor furniture companies. How to grasp and rationally use has become a part of the current enterprise competition that cannot be ignored. E-commerce is an inevitable way for furniture companies. In this way, more profound services can be formed, and companies can become bigger and stronger, and serve more customers who wish to have their own design concepts