The Latest Maintenance Methods For Variety Of Outdoor Furniture

- Jun 08, 2018-

Aluminum furniture: If there is stain on the surface, wipe it with clean water, do not use concentrated acid or concentrated alkaline cleaner.

Textilene furniture: Scrub with a cloth dampened with water.

Wooden furniture: wipe with a rag, do not scratch with a hard object, so as not to damage the surface of the waterproof layer.

PE rattan furniture: PE rattan furniture can be cleaned with a soft brush, rag, or vacuum cleaner, and collisions and scratches or hard objects should be prevented. PE rattan can be moisture-proof, anti-aging, insect-proof, and anti-infrared, so it doesn't take much effort to maintain.

Plastic parts: can be washed with ordinary detergent, be careful not to touch hard objects, do not brush with a metal brush. Should prevent collisions and scratches or hard objects. If cracked, repair by hot melt.

Metal parts: Avoid handling and scratching the surface protective layer when handling; do not stand on top of folded furniture to avoid deformation of the folded part and affect the use. Just scrub with warm soapy water, do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaners to prevent damage to the surface protective layer and rust.

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