Shop Outdoor Lounge Settings

- May 29, 2018-

Outdoor lounge settings help you bring creature comforts from the living room into your yard. Comfortable, durable and likely to be used extensively, outdoor lounges are essential garden furniture.

Outdoor lounge settings are available with a wide range of pieces in a variety of combinations. Choose the suite that suits your space, who will be using it and how likely you are to receive guests.

Modular outdoor lounges are perfect for tailoring your space to suit your needs as they offer greater flexibility than fixed lounges. Corner lounges help minimise dead space whilst creating a visual break between one outdoor area and another.

Pay attention to the cushioning on a sofa as this will dictate how comfortable it is to use. Most outdoor lounges lack cushioned arms so if you want to stretch out, look for a chaise lounge or factor the cost of scatter cushions into your budget.