Fujiko Industry To Create A New Idea For Wicker Chair Development

- Jan 26, 2018-

Rattan furniture continues hundreds of years of development, today has developed into a hundred schools, all scales of the situation.

However, whether it is the southern fire roasted process or the northern hot steaming process in the shape to play have reached the level of talent. In addition to individual low-end manufacturers.

Burr in the rattan chair handle, bending durability, as well as modeling techniques above each of the basic has reached an excellent level.

In the perfect shape and technology at the same time, Zibo Yunfeng Fujiko industry in pursuit of the ultimate enjoyment of high-end users.

Launched in 2014 a new all-imported paint. In ensuring the original wicker furniture color saturation, brightness and tolerance while giving priority to the use of environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free paint,Let the new factory furniture wicker, so that the factory is environmentally friendly formaldehyde, full color, without any pungent odor!