Features Of Rattan Furniture

- May 30, 2018-

Rattan furniture is not only healthy, environmentally friendly and naturally fresh, but also has the characteristics of good ventilation, comfort and practicality. The rattan can create a relaxed atmosphere in the home. Rattan furniture will be simple and elegant, both classical and modern, it brings people not only the enjoyment of quality of life, but also makes people feel a simple and unpretentious style of furniture, profound home elegance, will be placed In the favorite location, you will appreciate the feeling of home in the fine carving and winding.

The elderly are most suitable for rattan furniture. Rattan furniture is the preferred seat for the elderly. It is better to add a cushion. The expert explained that there is a small protrusion under the ischium of the human pelvis, known as the ischial tuberosity. In bursa, when a person sits down, the bursa sac and the seated object contact with each other to secrete mucus, which acts as a buffer and reduces discomfort when in contact with a hard object. As the age increases, the old man's buttocks muscle gradually shrinks, and the ischial tuberosity gradually decreases. The bursa on the degenerative changes also occur, the mucus secretion is reduced, the buffer capacity is reduced, and if you sit on a hard bench, the ischial tuberous bursitis will be induced, especially in elderly people who are physically weaker.

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