Wrought iron outdoor furniture design features

- Jul 14, 2018-


Iron is both practical and decorative. Therefore, when designing wrought iron outdoor furniture, we must fully consider the customer's preferences, tastes and ideas, and pay attention to the coordination of the furniture and its surroundings, such as the proportion of space, the material and color of the wall and the ground. At the same time, wrought iron outdoor furniture is more ergonomically designed when it is designed to meet the requirements of comfortable use, and finally it is recognized by people.

The first thing to consider when designing wrought iron outdoor furniture is structural safety: First, the wrought iron outdoor furniture itself should be firm, that is, the selection of materials should not be too thin and weak, the structural force should be reasonable, the analysis should be correct, and the important parts of the force should be durable; The second is to meet the national requirements for the safety of wrought iron products, such as the height of outdoor furniture should be, the thickness should be how much, etc. should refer to the relevant provisions of the national wrought iron products. At the same time, wrought iron outdoor furniture should avoid sharp corners and edges. There should be no burrs and flash edges. The chamfering place should be chamfered, the circle should be round and so on.

The shape of wrought iron outdoor furniture is also very important. In today's wrought iron outdoor furniture, a large number of curved shapes are used, such as "C" and "S" arcs, some are DIY combination arcs, and some are also customized according to customer requirements. It is said that the shapes are different but most of them are very artistic. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that regardless of the arc, it must be smooth and flawless. The overall composition is beautiful and smooth, and the sparseness is square.