Wooden outdoor furniture installation skills

- Oct 27, 2018-


Today's urbanites are increasingly demanding home environments, from semi-outdoor spaces to balconies, terraces, and finally to private courtyards. Outdoor furniture plays a very important role in today's human home life, in most people's In the courtyard, wooden outdoor furniture is a strong stroke. People like the elegant and elegant wood, prefer the simple and natural nature of solid wood, and like the high-end atmosphere of solid wood.

If you are a person who loves life, you may wish to take care of your "wooden" courtyard, which is a very common lifestyle abroad. If you want to lay a wooden floor, you can buy some semi-finished wooden floors, that is, square or rectangular "floor blocks", which can be directly spliced in the courtyard according to the rules. If you want to lay a regular strip of wooden floor, you need to play the keel like a wooden floor in the house.

The installation method of the wooden fence is very simple. Just choose the style that you want to use and you can splicing it yourself. If possible, the existing size and shape of the wood should be used as much as possible, as any processing of the impregnated wood, such as drilling, orange shaving, cutting, etc., may shorten the life of the impregnated wood.

The installation method of wooden outdoor tables and chairs only needs to choose the style suitable for your own courtyard or balcony style. It can be assembled and shipped by the manufacturer. If you want to save the cost of shipping, you can also ask the manufacturer to disassemble and assemble it. In fact, it is also very simple. The backrests of the chairs at the feet of the table are all fixed with screws, and the outdoor tables and chairs are tightened as long as the holes are aligned. But when you are shaking or assembling, be sure to tighten the screws.

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