Wood introduction

- Dec 22, 2018-


Hawthorn. Hawthorn wood is selected from tropical forests in Southeast Asia such as Southwest China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Its color sapwood is light yellowish brown or pale pink, and the heartwood is reddish brown and similar to pomelo. In terms of characteristics, the hole of the material surface is slightly larger, and the size is uniformly distributed. There are wood ray spots on the diameter cutting surface, and the wave marks are common on the string cutting surface. The heartwood has a similar camphor scent and the wood has a luster. Hawthorn is not hard, heavy, strong, dry shrinkage, wear-resistant, is an excellent ground material, paved with this variety, comfortable, generous, stable, style.

Merbau, its materiality: 4-8cm wide, the difference between light white and heart is obvious, the light yellow of the heart material of the raw material becomes dark brown under the action of the outside; the light-colored thin-walled tissue often forms on the rotary surface Decorative pattern; wood has luster; resin smell; texture is straight and sometimes chaotic corrugated; structure is ancestral and uniform; dry shrinkage, dry shrinkage rate from raw material to air dry material radial direction 0.9-3.1%, string direction 1.6 -4.1%; The wood is heavy and hard, the air dry density is about 0.9g/cm3, and the strength is very high; the wood has strong corrosion resistance. Because the wood is heavy and hard, and has high strength and a certain pattern, it is often used in places where wood is required to be durable, strong and decorative, such as building components, high-grade furniture, joinery, and flooring.

Teak, its materiality: yellow-brown brown heartwood, dark brown for a long time, sometimes with deep strips, sapwood light yellow or light white, the difference between the material and the sapwood is obvious; the annual ring is clear; the wood is shiny and the surface is greasy Special odor; slightly staggered texture; thick and uneven structure; dry shrinkage, dry shrinkage rate from raw material to air dry radial 2.2%, chord direction 4.0%; very resistant to corrosion, can resist marine life-threatening hazards; The wood weight is medium-sized Burmese sleeve wood with a dry density of about 0.64g/cm3; the strength is low to medium.

American ash, its material: sapwood is almost white, heartwood color is different, from light blessing to light red to brown; air dry density is about 0.67g/cm3; wood is divided into hardwood and cork. Hardwood wood is suitable for the manufacture of products that require toughness or bending or vibration resistance, such as: flooring, tool handles, shoes, frames, etc.; cork-type wood, suitable for interior decoration, joinery, furniture, etc.

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