Wicker chair suitable for what kind of person

- Jan 26, 2018-

Romantic girl, Yu Lang impetuous, suitable for wicker chair, it should be with a mature and generous, compassionate indifferent outsiders. Tea long, wicker chair shakes, quietly. Smell in detail, sniffing a scent, sitting in a wicker chair, remembering decades of glowing memories of black and white, the past is the same people's feelings, and the wicker chair is the best vehicle in the past.

In busy life, in a non-relaxed home, put on a wicker chair, exile extremity emergency tube life no place to put the mood. Surely you already know, what kind of person that rattan chair suits?

As long as you like, as long as cherish, then you can send a thought to him, do not take affection, Acacia do not speak, the object is filled with the deepest love. As long as things get along well, they will certainly not be negative, let the gentle vines of the remnants of your youth, carrying flowery memories, this moment, let him embrace you, accompanied by mature you quietly old.