Wicker chair how to have a unique style

- Jan 26, 2018-

Cane chair is also in this design as the guide, will be motivated to spread to promote the original Fujikura culture, and strive to make every effort in their lifetime to create a rattan wood furniture consumption trend - only in such a determination and sweat to pay, wicker chair Products can continue and his own unique style, in this materialistic, always tends to ordinary market standing, and was flourished.

A good rattan chair should be made by hand from a rattan artisan who thinks he has years of weaving experience and is as rustic as old trees so that every piece of rattan furniture will be hand-poured into the next one The strength of an outstanding achievement Tengyi works. He should be clear lines, and have the appearance of natural beauty, the achievement of a high-end example of the works of art.