Why we choose carbonized wood for outdoor furniture?

- Jul 17, 2018-


First, the origin of the word carbonized wood

The term carbonized wood originated from the mantle science and was derived from the term “carbonized wood formation belt”. The carbonized wood belt is a spectacle left after the volcanic eruption of Changbai Mountain. At that time, there is a lush virgin forest. (outdoor furniture) has a sharp rise in temperature due to volcanic eruptions, accompanied by fiery magma, which causes the trees to be burned, but not at all. It was buried in volcanic ash, and it was formed into carbonized wood because it was not fully burned, and it was preserved intact today. In 1996, when the Changbai-Tianchi travel road was repaired, the engineers discovered this carbonized wood belt. It was only found in Changbai Mountain, which claimed the 800-mile forest, and became another witness to the Changbaishan Tianchi volcanic activity. According to the professor's judgment, the temperature of the floating rock fluid deposits is 550 to 1000 °C, which is one of the important research bases for volcanic activity shape, virgin forest distribution and Changbai Mountain volcanic eruption era. It has high research value. The carbonized wood that is formed stands for thousands of years, and it has experienced the wind and thunderstorms. The (carbonized wood furniture) stands upright forever, and it is truly amazing.

Second, the process of carbonized wood

Today, our carbonized wood used for field furniture and decoration is a process that artificially simulates the formation of “carbonized wood-forming belts”. It is made of carbonized wood for decoration and furniture manufacturing with modern skills. The process is to place the wood in a relatively closed environment and treat it at a high temperature (180-230 ° C) to obtain a wood with some carbon characteristics, which is called carbonized wood.

Carbonized wood is an environmentally friendly material that is only absorbed and not released.

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