Why do more and more lesure hotel choose rattan furniture?

- Jul 16, 2018-


First of all, the rattan furniture is breathable and comfortable, and has strong applicability. The rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, good in breathability, flexible, and durable and light, easy to move, and affordable. The rattan chair or sofa is equipped with a cushion to increase the beauty of the rattan furniture. It can be stowed in the summer and sits directly on the vine surface for cool and comfortable. You can put it up again in winter, sit warm and comfortable, the mat is dirty, and it is easy to clean. Moreover, the rattan has a variety of rattan colors, which can be selected according to the decoration style. Therefore, more and more mid-to-high-end hotels are now using rattan furniture.

Secondly, the rattan furniture is light and convenient, easy to clean, and graded. Because solid wood furniture is cumbersome, it is inconvenient to move, and it feels hard and cold when sitting up in winter. People will feel tired when they sit up. Even if the seat cushion is placed on it, the seat cushion is easy to slip off the ground. Fabric furniture can be graded, but it is very troublesome to clean. Every time you clean, you need to brush the entire furniture, and the number of cleaning times is easy to get old, affecting the restaurant grade. The sofa seats in the hotel furniture are used very frequently and are very dirty. The leather furniture is too expensive for the restaurant to use, and it is especially troublesome to maintain. It is not suitable for public use. Therefore, more and more rattan furniture has been adopted by hotels, becoming the first choice for hotel furniture.

Furthermore, the rattan material is environmentally friendly and suitable for outdoor use. The hotel is becoming more and more Westernized today, with outdoor restaurants, western restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. The more Western-style restaurants are suitable for Western-style furniture. Among the rattan furniture, PE rattan furniture is a kind of Western-style furniture. PE rattan is a plastic PV rattan that is environmentally friendly and suitable for outdoor use. The color and texture are like real vines, which are made of PE material. Many outdoor restaurants, western restaurants and cafes use rattan furniture.

The rattan furniture product adopts the fine rattan material and has special surface treatment, which is wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, insect-proof, not easy to be deformed or cracked. The personalized design of the rattan table and chair, according to the ergonomic concept, the appearance is beautiful and the comfort is excellent. The product portfolio of rattan tables and chairs is suitable for leisure and entertainment venues such as leisure squares, hotels, bars, private gardens, villas, lawns, swimming pools, beaches, hot spring areas, cafes.

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