Who is more better between PE wicker tables and chairs and natural rattan tables and chairs

- Jul 05, 2018-


The PE wicker tables and chairs is different from the natural rattan tables and chairs. The PE wicker furniture is not afraid of drying, not afraid of washing, strong, no deformation, no cracking, and cheap, it is  more suitable for dry climate than natural rattan tables and chairs.

Compared with leather furniture, the PE wicker tables and chairs can give a thorough, cool texture and natural and refreshing atmosphere.

Process: Sturdy aluminum, bent into different fancy and lines, sprayed with a layer of outdoor paint, and then stretched with high temperature treated rattan.

Advantages: The high temperature treated rattan absorbs moisture, absorbs heat, prevents insects, does not easily deform, cracks, degumming, etc. The rattan table and chair is flexible and conforms to the characteristics of human body mechanics and engineering. It has a refreshing feel, strong breathability, comfortable and chic, and natural texture. The appearance is also highly ornamental, showing the style and taste.

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