What kinds of outdoor umbrellas are you choose?

- May 25, 2018-

Outdoor umbrella, the word may not unfamiliar to everyone,because each person’s call them for different names.Not only that, there are many types of outdoor umbrellas, its material, the different specifications, in the shape, uses also different.

Rotating umbrella, you can rotate 360 degrees horizontal, space utilization, the umbrella can be any of the following with leisure tables and chairs, sofas.Color, specifications can be according to their preferences, the actual need to select. Commonly used in high-end villas, clubs, real estate use.


Banana umbrella also belongs to one of the hanging umbrella and side umbrella.It’s easy to operate, simple and beautiful appearance, also known as beautiful umbrella.The wind effect, compared to other parasols is slightly worse.Commonly used with outdoor cafe, semi-enclosed indoor, garden use, can be used with any kind of material tables and chairs.


Column umbrella,as the name implies,umbrella column is in the middle,there are three ways to close the hand, hand push, hand pull.Column umbrella compared to the other side of the umbrella, the column in the middle, so the shade area smaller than the parasol umbrella area.supporting the use of tables and chairs, then you need to use the middle of the column holes can also be used separately on the side .Coupled with other outdoor furniture, better results! In the umbrella in our daily life is also common, it commonly used in outdoor restaurants, indoor swimming pool, garden, balcony.