What kind of rattan furniture is good?

- Jun 10, 2018-

What kind of rattan furniture is good?

1. A good rattan furniture is made up with new PE rattan materials, those purchased from big rattan manufacturers, or imported from other countries, product quality is guaranteed. In the rattan production process, UV-resistance ingredients are added, and the service life has been rigorously tested. All of them are guaranteed to have 3,000 hours of weather protection. The general selling price is more than 18 yuan per kilogram, while the ordinary inferior rattan uses recycled rattan. The main material will not add UV-resistance ingredients,and the cost is low, the price is as low as 5 yuan per kilogram, the quality is not guaranteed. Almost 3 months to be broken, faded, until completely scrapped;

2. Good PE rattan materials can ensure outdoor use for 3,000 hours in all-weather conditions. In terms of areas where there is more sunshine in the south, it can be used for at least 3 years;

3. Good rattan furniture also need a good framework. Iron frame materials are generally difficulted for the factory to do rust-proof treatment or even not to deal with it, and soon it will rust, till the frame is loose and the furniture cannot be used. Rusty rust may even contaminate the ground and cause significant losses to customers; therefore, high-quality rattan furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy material, and most of the material is 6063 international standard aluminum. The aluminum alloy material will not rust and the surface will be electrostaticlly sprayed,it can effectively prevent oxidation and ensure long-term use. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the aluminum alloy frame is longer than rattan. There are also many customers who want to return the furniture to the factory to reorganize the rattan before their normal life expires. This is also a good use strategy.