what kind of outdoor furniture is better for outdoor?

- Jun 05, 2018-

What kind of outdoor furniture is better?

Most of the early outdoor furniture was solid wood, rattan, plastic, alloy, inflatable, etc., each with its own characteristics. But the biggest test for outdoor furniture is the sun, rain, cold and heat, so the material must be special Treatment, to meet the characteristics of anti-moisture, anti-moth, water-proof, corrosion-proof and so on. However, in all these respects, the performance of solid wood, rattan, inflatable air, and plastic are all unsatisfactory.

The vast majority of outdoor furniture currently uses the following three types of materials, one is iron (including alloys), another is stainless steel and teak, and another is a combination of a pure aluminum frame and PE rattan. Prominent visual effects, and the most easily to move, is the combination of pure aluminum frame and PE rattan.