What is the index of rattan table and chair?

- Jun 20, 2018-

Rattan tables and chairs are a major part of outdoor furniture, and the quality of rattan tables and chairs is people's presence.No matter what purchase is most concerned, no one wants to buy it to use just one time. What is the quality of rattan tables and chairs?

At present, there is a safety standard for outdoor rattan furniture. The standard number is EN581-1:2006, this is the standard from the European Union, which stipulates the safety of rattan tables and chairs.No exactly quality requirements for rattan tables and chairs. In this respect, it needs the buyer himself pay more attention. From this point, high-quality  rattan tables and chairs should have the following aspects:

1, strong and solid. This is the basic quality of the rattan tables and chairs. The mobility of the rattan tables and chairs relatively large, to knock more, if the rattan furniture is crudely made even "tofu", cannot withstand a single blow in use, it gives customers the leisure experience will become negative.

2, the surface protection is good. This reflects the practicality of outdoor rattan tables and chairs, not just hands.It is also important to protect the outdoor rattan tables and chairs. For example, aluminum alloy tables and chairs or iron tables and chairs, often used on the surface of rattan weaving process, so that not only feel good, beautiful style, right.The material and surface of tables and chairs also play a good protective role. It is well known that iron is exposed to the air easy to rust, then use PE cane to make a protective layer on the surface of the iron chair, iron surface.The paint layer will not be easily damaged.

3, the security is high. The standard EN581-1:2006 mainly emphasizes outdoor rattan tables and chairs.Safety requires that the structure of edges, corners, edges and other parts of outdoor rattan tables and chairs should be avoided hurt. Of course, the premise of safety is that the structure of outdoor rattan tables and chairs should be strong and firm.

4, the modeling is reasonable and the design is humanized. Outdoor rattan tables and chairs are part of modern leisure system.

So they need to show users more beauty and comfort, such as swimming pool chairs.

Height adjustable backrest, balcony like rattan tables and chairs preferably have wide handrails and comfortable backrest and so on.