What is the difference of rattan furniture between the aluminum frame and iron frame?

- Sep 25, 2018-


There is no difference from outside of the rattan furniture whether it made of aluminum frame or iron frame. If the outsider looks at it, the iron frame may be slightly heavier, but there is really no difference. The difference is of course. Here we must remind consumers to remember when buying, first of all, the cost of the iron frame is relatively cheap, and the iron frame is easy to oxidize and rust outdoors, especially in the south. In the seaside city or the humid climate in the south, it is best not to use the iron frame as a support for outdoor rattan furniture; if it is in the northern inland cities, the climate is dry and can be promoted all year round, and the cost is relatively low. So how do you tell if it is an iron frame or an aluminum frame? PERFECT outdoor furniture tells you a little trick, put magnets under the seat surface of the chair, and can absorb the iron frame.