What is the difference between plastic rattan furniture and natrul rattan furniture?

- Jul 02, 2018-


There are many consumers confuse about the price when they purchasing rattan furniture. How can the price difference be a hundred yuan or even a few hundred dollars even a similar set rattan furniture? Let's analyze together as following:

1, rattan material, most of the vines currently used by manufacturers are imported from Indonesia, this is based on weight, then the amount of material used, the thickness will affect the price, if it is pure vine, you can pick it up and compare the next weight .

2, wood materials, most of the rattan furniture is rattan wood combination, then the quality of wood and processing procedures will also affect the price, and some wooden furniture will be carved and some will not affect this price, this is everyone Can be distinguished.

3, paint, rattan material itself is slightly yellow white, then other colors of rattan furniture is the need to paint, at least have to primer, then the quality of paint will affect the price!

4, manual fees, although the style is similar to rattan furniture, but there are differences in the subtle, because it is artificially prepared, then the longer the processing time, the greater the greater the price changes, this process is also very well distinguished, fine workmanship Relatively good.

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