What is outdoor leisure furniture?

- Jul 14, 2018-


What is outdoor leisure furniture, there is no exact definition of this concept so far. Outdoor leisure furniture refers to the placement of some informal and relatively casual furniture in an outdoor soft environment, and we can call it outdoor leisure furniture.

Generally speaking, outdoor leisure furniture includes solid wood leisure furniture, rattan leisure furniture, wrought iron leisure furniture and stone leisure furniture. Outdoor leisure furniture is generally placed in communities, squares, parks, scenic spots and entertainment venues. Their common point is that they are placed outdoors and most of them are in the open air, so they are used in anti-corrosion, materials and life. The requirements are relatively high. For solid wood leisure furniture, its materials will be graded, such as iron wood, pine wood, teak, etc. They should pay attention to the anti-corrosion, anti-riot, sunscreen and other aspects of the paint, normally, if properly maintained, then these The life expectancy of solid wood leisure furniture can reach 7 to 8 years. The rattan leisure furniture is the same as the solid wood leisure furniture. It has a high grade and its life expectancy may reach 7 to 8 years, and the low grade can reach 3 years or more. As for wrought iron leisure furniture, it depends on the degree of protection. Under normal circumstances, if a place is found to be lacquered and can be replenished in time, its life span will be more than 10 years. If it is ignored, it may be three or four years. It’s over.

The life of outdoor leisure furniture, in the final analysis, depends on the material and the protection of the later period. After all, even the best furniture, if it is not protected, it can not withstand the baptism of wind and sun, rain and erosion.

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