What is a qualified outdoor garden seat?

- Jul 02, 2018-


In modern society, work and life are under great pressure. Amateur time may like to take a breath of fresh air outdoors. When you are tired, sit in an outdoor garden seat and feel the natural birds and flowers, and your mood will become comfortable. Therefore, outdoor garden seat should not only be beautiful, but also practical, and can withstand the wind and rain of nature, in order to better benefit people. Therefore, outdoor garden seats must comply with the following points:

1, function: single function, mainly placed in parks, communities, roadsides and other outdoor places. Used by many people for outdoor cool, rest, etc.

2, beautiful: visual effects are mainly coordinated with the outdoor environment, more use of wood, granite and other natural materials, modeling creativity, nice, approachable, without special luxury;

3, practical: fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-corrosion, to meet more than one rest without disturbing each other;

4. Materials: Cannot use toxic or hazardous materials, easy to clean. Because of the special nature of outdoor use, the general wood is used: wood, imported hawthorn, Russian pine, plastic wood, etc. These woods have strong outdoor antiseptic effect, and marble or granite needs good texture. Anti-human damage. Therefore, steel structures need to be treated with anti-corrosion treatment to prevent rain and man-made damage.

Outdoor garden seats are placed at outdoor because of their environment, so the material availability is narrow. Many outdoor garden seats are mostly made of granite, marble, wood, stainless steel, and steel pipes. Placement is mostly public places such as parks, communities, and roadsides. Because of the high exposure and high damage of outdoor garden seats (solar ultraviolet rays, wind and rain corrosion, human damage, etc.), regular maintenance and renovation must be required.

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