What are the three conditions for outdoor furniture?

- Jul 14, 2018-


Good outdoor furniture has to meet three main conditions: stability, comfort and environmental coordination.

First, stability: outdoor furniture must be easy to transport, process, industrialized, standardized production and assembly, can be fixed to the ground, can resist the violence of vandals, easy to repair and replace the city public municipal department. It is better to adapt and mitigate the effects of sun and rain.

Second, comfort: outdoor furniture should meet the ergonomic scale and shape, and should be easy to clean, withstand heavy pressure, adapt to different body shapes of men, women and children.

Third, coordination with the environment: in the layout should have a proper orientation and orientation, especially from the perspective of modern styling aesthetics, modern outdoor public furniture design pays more attention to the coordination of furniture, color and surrounding environment, a piece Excellent outdoor furniture is like a beautiful outdoor abstract sculpture that plays a role in beautifying, setting and embellishing the local environment.

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