What are the characteristics of cast aluminum furniture?

- Jul 07, 2018-


With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, more people began to pay attention to the improvement of the environment, which inevitably led to the development of the outdoor furniture industry. Many outdoor furniture companies mainly sellls to the European and American market, so the product style is also biased towards European style, cast aluminum furniture is a special case. However, Westerners like to be simple and gentle, and this style structure is resistant to pressure, has certain flexibility, can withstand heavy pressure, is not easily damaged by damage, easy to clean, and is not easily scratched and damaged.

Cast aluminum furniture is better than other types of outdoor furniture, anti-corrosion function, beautiful fashion, can be cast into a variety of carvings and shapes. As a symbol of fashion, outdoor furniture plays an important role in the furniture industry. Cast aluminum furniture, as one style of outdoor furniture, is loved mainly because of its excellent waterproof sunscreen function, which can be placed in outdoor without fading colors all year round, fireproof and waterproof, acid rain resistant and salt spray resistant. The appearance quality first requires that the furniture's top is smooth, the workmanship is fine, the decoration is delicate, and the texture is clear and beautiful.

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