What are the advantages of cast aluminum outdoor furniture?

- Jul 03, 2018-


Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is not only a cold texture, but it still has many advantages waiting for discover. Today, let me introduce some advantages of cast aluminum outdoor furniture.

First, cast aluminum outdoor furniture are "green" furniture

The raw material of cast aluminum outdoor furniture is cold-rolled aluminum, which is derived from the smelting and rolling of mineral resources. With the rise of the industrial "green revolution" and the promotion of the "zero-energy" production process, the metal materials will not waste resources for the society, from the selection to the production process and the elimination after use. The friendly influence is a resource product that can be reused and continuously developed.

Second, cast aluminum outdoor furniture can be fireproof, moisture proof, antimagnetic

Fire protection is mainly reflected in the cast aluminum outdoor furniture can withstand the test of fire, to minimize losses. The moisture-proof features are best suited to the South. In the vast southern part of China, as long as the temperature is between 12 ° C and 14 ° C and the relative humidity is above 60 %, it is a breeding ground for mold breeding and a hotbed of rust, precious paper documents, photos, instruments, valuable medicines, and various Disk film can be damp. The moisture resistance of cast aluminum outdoor furniture can solve people's troubles. Anti-magnetic properties are especially important in the computer age. Disks with trade secrets, statistics, personal data, historic audio-visual tape files, precious images or classic CDs are most afraid of sudden strong magnetic interference. The anti-magnetic properties of cast aluminum outdoor furniture are a good solution to such problems.

Third, cast aluminum outdoor furniture has many styles and functions, saving space.

Due to the good strength of the cold-rolled sheet, the cast aluminum outdoor furniture can meet the functional requirements of many aspects through the bending process. The advantages of multiple drawers, multiple doors, movement, and simplicity can be achieved in different products. In addition, many of the metal furniture have a folding function, which is not only convenient to use, but also saves space.

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