Villa furniture size and health

- Dec 05, 2018-


If the size of the villa furniture is a few centimeters from the standard, although there is no big difference from the outside, people may use it for a long time, and may have problems such as spine deformation, lumbar muscle strain, and decreased vision. The following is a list of the standard sizes of several commonly used villa furniture for your reference:

1. Sofa: The front width of the sofa seat should not be less than 480mm; the depth of the seat surface should be between 480mm-6OOmrn; the height of the seat surface should be in the range of 360mm-420mm. Today, some simple and stylish low-profile sofas are popular among young people. However, the height and width of the sofa are closely related to health. If the front width of the sofa seat is smaller than the standard, the space of the sofa will become narrow; the depth of the seat surface is too deep, the calf can not sag naturally, and the calf is easy to be pressed; too shallow, it will make people feel unsatisfied. The seat is too high, just like sitting in a high chair is very uncomfortable. If it is too low, people will feel more strenuous when they stand up.

2, bed: 440mm is the healthy height (measured by the height of the quilt from the ground). Many people like a tatami-like bed and feel that such a bed is simple and convenient. There are also some people who often use the bed as a storage room and use a small cabinet to make the mattress high. In fact, if the bed is too high or too low from the ground, the legs will not be able to land properly. After a long time, the leg nerves will be squeezed.

3, pillow: adult pillow height is 150mm, the elderly and children are slightly lower. Because the height of the pillow will directly affect sleep, the pillow is too high, people can not be in a state of natural relaxation, affecting the quality of sleep, hindering blood circulation, especially for the growth and development of children and the health of the elderly.

4, the height difference between the table and chair is between 280mm-300mm; the height below the writing desk is not less than 580mm, and the width is not more than 520mm. If the table is too short or the chair is too high, it will affect the spine and lumbar push of the person, especially for the child's vision and growth. If the space below the desk is not up to standard, the legs will not be free to move.

In addition, because the size of the TV model in each high court is not the same, the choice of the TV cabinet should be calculated based on the height of the TV and the sofa. If people's eyes fall right in the center of the TV screen, the height of the TV cabinet is appropriate.

The best way to determine if a piece of furniture is right is to try it yourself. If you work at the computer desk for a while, you will feel back pain, but you can't feel relaxed when you have enough time to sleep. It is very likely that your furniture size is wrong. Therefore, when selecting villa furniture, you must try and ask more questions, or you can decide according to the actual situation.

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