Varieties of outdoor furniture

- May 31, 2018-

Varieties of outdoor furniture :

There are four or five kinds of materials used. Among them, aluminum outdoor furniture not only looks stylish, simple, but also because the aluminum itself is very light, the weight of the whole set of furniture is also lighter, so besides can be placed on the balcony or the terrace in the home, you can also carry it when you travel, be regarded as The most economical one is.

In addition to metal outdoor furniture there is a kind of wrought iron, although this iron outdoor furniture after a long period of wind and sun, inevitably rust, but its classic style of strong, durable advantages are also many people preferred Its main reason, especially rattan tables and chairs, swings, etc., can definitely allow you to enjoy it with confidence. Combined with metal outdoor furniture, it is a kind of outdoor furniture made of mesh cloth and rattan. Compared with metal outdoor furniture, it is relatively young, and it has only recently emerged. Solid wood outdoor furniture is also deeply loved. The imitating rattan dining chair with natural texture, whether it is with stone, wood floor, or woody herb in the garden, is easily and harmoniously integrated, allowing you to fully integrate into the natural atmosphere. Moreover, the colors of the wooden tables and chairs can also be arbitrary, and can be painted according to the distribution and types of plants in the courtyard, or even completely personal preferences. Among the many solid wood materials, the most expensive one is teak, but its use effect is unmatched by other wood materials; simple, strong, transparent, natural surface texture, comfortable, easy to repair, etc.