Urban Outdoor Furniture Function Classification

- Jul 17, 2018-


The functions are classified according to their nature and can be divided into material functions and mental functions. When designing products, not only must they meet the material function requirements of users, but also reflect the manifestation of mental functions according to the specific conditions of different products. The functions are classified according to the implemented technical means and can be divided into hard functions and soft functions.

According to different functions, urban outdoor furniture can be roughly divided into sitting, storage, lighting, leisure, landscape, etc. These different functions will guide designers to find different appeal points for outdoor furniture. Design:

1. Sitting and reclining: The basic function of outdoor furniture such as table, class, chair, stool, railing, etc. is to allow people to rest during outdoor activities, so that people's body and mind can fully relax. A good city should be a city where you can sit anytime, anywhere. Therefore, providing rest is the biggest feature of this type of outdoor furniture. As far as the chair stool is concerned, its basic function is to let people rest and release fatigue. In fact, as long as the facilities with a certain height, width and thickness can satisfy this simple function, the style and shape of the chair and stool can be varied and can be very human.

2, storage category: the so-called storage outdoor furniture, is for people to provide storage facilities in outdoor life and activities, the common storage outdoor home has a postbox, garbage bins, parking racks and so on. In order to meet the storage requirements, this type of facility should be widely distributed, large in number, small in size, small in size, and mobile. In addition, these facilities should be combined with people flow, people flow routes, etc., so that people can identify and find.

3. Lighting: Lighting facilities are an indispensable component of the urban outdoor environment. Without them, it is impossible for people to perform outdoor activities at dusk or at night. This type of outdoor furniture is not only visible during the day, but also has lighting functions at night, which provides convenience for the citizens' nightlife, and also plays a role in constructing a variety of night scenes and shaping the image of the city at night, so that people can also walk out of the house at night. Actively participate in urban outdoor life.

4. Leisure category: Leisure outdoor facilities including fitness and amusement functions are the most frequently used outdoor furniture in urban outdoor life. They help to alleviate the mental stress of modern people and ease the indifferent interpersonal relationship. The design of leisure outdoor furniture fully reflects the people-oriented design concept, fully considers the needs of people, and meets these needs through facilities. Outdoor furniture with pleasant scale, beautiful shape, coordinated color, proper proportion and comfortable material texture plays an important role in places where people can communicate and leisure activities.

5. Landscape category: Landscape outdoor furniture refers to environmental gadgets that are purely for viewing and beautifying the environment, such as sculptures and water features, but at the same time have some functions of outdoor furniture. These outdoor facilities have strong spiritual functions, enriching the outdoor space, rendering the atmosphere, adding outdoor life, cultivating people's sentiments, and showing strong ornamental and decorative in the outdoor environment. Because there is no specific function in the shape constraints, landscape outdoor furniture is the most free in shape, and has a wide space for play. The landscape-like outdoor furniture with unique style and cultural significance can play a role in setting off the cultural atmosphere and creating a humanized space in the outdoor environment of the city.

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