Types of chair legs for outdoor lounge chairs

- Nov 09, 2018-


Outdoor leisure chairs are common outdoor furniture in daily life and are popular among consumers. When choosing an outdoor leisure chair, we should pay attention to the relationship between the chair foot and the leisure chair, because what kind of chair foot determines what kind of leisure chair, the chair foot mainly has the following types:

First, the steel plate foot - like the cast iron foot, almost most leisure chairs will use this kind of chair foot, because it is made of steel or steel or square steel pipe, etc., so the processing and creative modeling are There is a lot of flexibility. Because the process requirements are not high, the leisure chair of this kind of foot needs to be more beautiful and more creative by the designer. The steel plate foot is an ideal leisure chair and chair material.

Second, cast iron feet - like the steel plate feet, is one of the main materials for leisure chair legs. It is manufactured by pouring molten steel (high temperature liquid steel) into a mold and cooling it. The shape of this kind of foot mainly depends on the original design creation of the designer, and it is difficult to change the mold after it is successfully built. In terms of strength, the strength of the molten steel is high and it is also heavy. Compared with the steel plate feet, patterns such as patterns can be added when the mold is created, so that the leisure chair is more beautiful.

Third, the press foot - compared to the leisure chair from the steel plate foot and cast iron foot punching feet seems to be more competitive. The chair legs formed by stamping steel sheets under large machines are simpler and more efficient to manufacture, and the installation combination is also convenient. However, such a chair foot needs to be mass-produced in order to be able to afford the booting fee for a large machine.

Fourth, the foot of the stone - the foot of the stone is mostly used in landscape parks and the like, because the stone whose feet are made of stone or marble is more in line with the "garden park, and the like. The stone itself is heavy and hard, so there is no need to fix it. Ground. Of course, steel structural parts are needed to combine the stone with the wood.

Fifth, stainless steel chair legs - not much to introduce here. The most important thing is the steel structure of all leisure chairs, because the environment is outdoor, and the environmental acid rain is more susceptible to corrosion and rust. Therefore, the best solution is the steel structure pickling phosphating spray (not brushing).

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