True and false rattan furniture has its own characteristics

- Aug 16, 2018-


Imitation rattan furniture is realistic and affordable

Rattan furniture refers to furniture made from vines. However, due to temperature and humidity, rattan furniture is prone to cracking and deformation in the north, and as a natural material vine, although it is deeply loved, it also faces the problem of scarcity of raw materials. Therefore, the operation of rattan furniture was born. Smart furniture manufacturers are beginning to use the materials of rattan to make furniture, which is visually realistic and has a light, sturdy and leathery personality that natural vines can't match.

For example, furniture made of white wax and water grass and some plastic furniture are quite different in material from rattan furniture, but the texture, shape and even characteristics of the furniture are very similar. In a certain sense, the expansion of the "vine furniture" family also reflects people's yearning for and pursuit of simplicity and natural life. At the same time, these artificial rattan furniture, because of the characteristics of other materials such as "plastic rattan furniture", highlights the lightness and corrosion resistance of plastics, and most of them are not only much cheaper than real rattan furniture in terms of price. It also saves the trouble of the maintenance of the real rattan furniture. The appearance of these rattan furniture has aroused people's attention. Nowadays, in the large-scale furniture exhibition, the rattan furniture has occupied a place. It not only meets the market demand in different climate regions, but also proves the designers and manufacturers again. The exploration of furniture materials continues to deepen.

Special craftsmanship makes the vine character stable

Rattan, as a fast-growing material, is used in the manufacture of furniture to reflect the enhancement of people's environmental awareness and the desire to return to nature. With various rattan and green craft products entering thousands of households, it has become a new round. Stylish home decoration. The vine is a dense, sturdy, lightweight and tough natural material that is not afraid of squeezing, supple and elastic. Because of its origin in the South, whether rattan furniture can adapt to the dry climate of the North has become the most important concern of consumers. According to furniture experts, the current rattan furniture overcomes the shortcomings of natural materials that are susceptible to smashing and deformation. When making furniture, after the material has been finely processed, it is also subjected to ultraviolet radiation sterilization and steam high temperature treatment. The vine raw material is made into a uniform processing specification, so that the surface of the manufactured rattan is fine, smooth and has the characteristics of mildew proof, cockroach prevention and hygiene. Some of the more upscale rattan furniture has to be polished, varnished, and even painted to make the finished product look strong and durable.