Tips for buying outdoor furniture

- Dec 10, 2018-


I believe that everyone has a set of rules for the purchase of outdoor furniture, most of them are for indoor furniture, then for outdoor furniture? The following are some tips from PERFECT FURNITURE FACTORY:

There is no industry standard for equity guarantee and outdoor furniture.

Since there is no strict industry standard for outdoor furniture, the technical requirements, use time, shelf life, paint time, and shelf life of the coating must be reflected in the contract. Only the technical standards are reflected in the contract documents, and it is convenient in the event of disputes. Processing, the relevant departments can identify the products according to technical requirements. Because it is difficult to simulate the use of furniture in the outdoor natural environment and the various wear and corrosion that it is subject to, there is no uniform technical standard, but as the market for outdoor furniture supplies is getting larger and larger, for the industry's norms, The state and relevant departments should introduce quality standards applicable to products.

Shopping recommendations, outdoor household items, good places to spend

Nowadays, outdoor furniture and outdoor home accessories are sold in many places on the market. From table and chairs, parasols, tatami mats, cushions to water features, plants, wax turbid, wine glasses, cutlery, candlesticks, neon lights and other outdoor household items.

High-quality goods always make people feel at ease, but we must stick to a consumption principle: we will not regret it - just buy the right one, not the expensive one.

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