Three points to identify the quality of glass in outdoor furniture

- Nov 19, 2018-


First, the inspection of the glass sheet. The appearance quality is mainly to check the flatness and observe whether there are quality defects such as bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots. The glass with such defects will be deformed during use, which will reduce the transparency and mechanical strength of the glass. And the thermal stability of the glass, engineering should not be used. Since the glass is a transparent object, it can be basically judged whether it is good or bad when it is visually selected.

Secondly, the appearance of the hollow glass brick is not allowed to have cracks, and the opaque unmelted material is not allowed in the glass blank, and the welding and the poor bonding between the two glass bodies are not allowed. Visual inspection of the brick body should be free of corrugations, bubbles and lamellar streaks resulting from inhomogeneities in the glass blank. The outer surface of the large surface of the glass brick should be less than 1 mm. The convexity should be less than 2 mm. The weight should meet the quality standard, no surface warpage and lack of surface.

Defects in the mouth, burrs, etc., the angle must be square.

Third, the inspection of glass processed products. In addition to the requirements of flat glass, it should also be checked for processing quality, whether the standard size, processing orangeness and pattern definition meet the requirements, and no defects are allowed on the side.

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