Three points of daily maintenance of rattan furniture

- Aug 16, 2018-


First, in fact, rattan furniture are more wear-resistant and dirt-resistant than leather furniture and fabric furniture. Usually, you can wipe off the dust with a dry cloth. You can clean the dust of the rattan furniture with a brush or a vacuum cleaner for two or three months. Wipe the damp cloth and clean when it is dirty. Gently brush it with a dirty toothbrush in a particularly dirty place and clean it up immediately!

Second, rattan furniture usually needs to sit more, the vine will attract people, the more sitting, the brighter, sit down when you are fine, if you use it for a long time or after the damp, it is easy to appear concave deformation, do not worry, use a small amount of light salt water Wet the rattan part, and it will shrink and flatten after drying.

Third, remember not to place the rattan furniture next to the stove or next to the heater, and not to expose it to the sun.