The versatility of rattan furniture

- Dec 11, 2018-


The earliest known rattan furniture is based on natural rattan, but with the development of technology, the rattan technology has been continuously innovated, and the rattan furniture and natural rattan furniture produced are difficult to distinguish.

Rattan furniture is a modern and environmentally-friendly new type of furniture that can be customized according to the customer's environment and needs, and can be recycled. Sturdy, lightweight and flexible, it can be bent freely, and it is soft and soft, and it is casual and practical. Therefore, the rattan furniture is popular with people for its simple and clear appearance. Imitation rattan furniture is not only cheaper than natural rattan furniture, but also simple to maintain.

Rattan furniture breaks the limitations of the traditional natural rattan furniture use, allowing the rattan furniture to go indoors from the interior, not only to meet your pursuit of exquisite outdoor living space, but also to perfectly match your indoor environment.

The combination of aluminum alloy and polymer material (commonly known as rattan rattan) is the combination of the most modern and fashionable style. This new material is mainly characterized by light weight, portability, easy disassembly and easy to move, and it is highly recommended. Janeism, Tian special material properties, so in the design process, designers will constantly modify the lines and angles, diversified material mix to bring people a variety of senses, regardless of affinity, cold, cutting edge, retro, sensual And rationality, will show their unique charm in outdoor furniture in an outdoor space full of infinite vitality.

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