The variability of rattan furniture

- Jul 07, 2018-


Rattan tables and chairs are a kind of common outdoor furniture. With the improvement of the rattan chair weaving technology and the changes in market demand, the rattan tables and chairs gradually show variability.

Generally speaking, the rattan furniture is composed of the rattan thickness and surface of the main backbone. The rattan surface is mainly made of fine rattan weaving. The overall appearance is not only beautiful, but also has a gap between the vine and the vine, and the air permeability is good. The contact comfort is high. Because rattan outdoor furniture has soft texture and good ductility, it can create more varied shapes. For example, there are bedside tables and chairs, seats, sofas, coffee tables, lounge chairs and even cabinets and so on. However, the rattan outdoor furniture has a soft surface and is not suitable for preventing too heavy items. In addition, rattan outdoor furniture can also be dyed in a variety colors, dyed according to the needs and preferences of the age group, in line with the young, and in line with the elderly.

The varied features of rattan outdoor furniture are mainly attributed to its vines, because the vines can be shaped and can be made into different shapes according to actual needs.

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