The useage and process introduction of attan furniture

- Oct 16, 2018-


Today's rattan furniture is distinguished from traditional rattan furniture. Traditional bamboo vine, willow, grass and rattan furniture, its shape is light, elegant, natural and generous, but it is unfavorable for maintenance, easy to get wet, mildew, insects, breaks and so on. Therefore, in recent years, PVC and PE rattan have gradually appeared on the market, and common rattan furniture materials are PE rattan and PVC rattan. PE is polyethylene, PVC is poly-ethylene, which is a polymer of polymers. Common outdoor rattan furniture products are mainly made of PE rattan furniture. It looks like a real vine, but it is not natural, but it is in line with the environmental pursuit of modern people.

PE imitation vines are widely used in the furniture industry. Not only in outdoor high-end leisure places, but also in star-rated hotels, private garden villas, and even indoors, they are gradually starting to use rattan furniture. Everyone who has a unique vision can even put tables and chairs. Sofas, coffee table beds, all made into rattan, then in the outdoor furniture industry, rattan outdoor furniture is highly sought after.

The industry mainly uses aluminum frame or iron frame and rattan rattan production and processing into various products. It is more common to use aluminum pipe with wall thickness of 1.2 MM to bend and weld, and then polish the surface of the aluminum frame after smoothing. Plus PE woven. Its workmanship is fine, all artificially woven.

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