the use of plastic wood for outdoor furniture

- Jul 06, 2018-


Plastic wood is a combination of solid wood and plastic. It not only maintains the affinity of solid wood, but also has good moisture and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fungi resistance, antistatic, anti-insect and other properties, using wood chips, straw, waste. The series of wood-plastic composite materials produced by plastics and other wastes are gradually entering the fields of decoration and construction.

Plastic wood profiles are mainly used in:

1. Building structural materials: indoor and outdoor paving, fences, building templates, moisture-proof partitions, stairs, handrails, door and window frames, platforms, water buildings, road boards, wooden houses, etc.

2, automotive applications: door trim panels, floor, seat back, dashboard, handrails, seat base, roof and so on.

3, logistics applications: various specifications of transport pallets and export packaging trays, warehouse mats, all kinds of packaging boxes, glass transport shelves.

4, garden applications: various settings of the community, outdoor tables and chairs, garden handrails and decorative panels, flower pots, open-air flooring, waste bins, pavilions and so on.

5, indoor decoration applications: a variety of decorative strips, decorative panels, frame strips, curtain rods, curtain rings and decorative parts, movable shutters, ceilings, siding and so on.

6. Others: picnic tables, partitions, compartment floors, toys, storage boxes, highway noise boards, movable frames, etc.

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