The style of the rattan furniture is radiant

- Dec 28, 2018-


Rattan products have a long history in China. In the outdoor furniture market, there are not only artificial weaving and woven rattan furniture, but also rich and curvy products made with its innate curvature. They all reflect the true nature of nature, and they are luxurious and durable. Outdoor furniture is popular with natural lines, which can be used in the field of furniture. Especially in the summer, there are more and more people using rattan furniture and decorations, and outdoor furniture is gradually becoming fashionable.

It is understood that the original processing procedure of rattan material is quite complicated, and it must be processed through steaming, drying, bleaching, mildewproof, disinfection and sterilization. The weaving process of rattan furniture is completely done by hand, and the vine-painted furniture coated with varnish will become more and more bright as the years go by. Not only that, the rattan furniture looks elegant and flat, with a high degree of appreciation, showing the style and taste of the owner.

According to senior fashion people, modern rattan furniture also tends to be fashionable. First of all, in color, it is no longer a simple rattan color. Now there will be silver gray, bronze, grass green, reddish brown and so on. But what does not change is the natural and simple color of the vine itself, which makes people who are tired of the bustling and noisy city naturally find the feeling of comforting the soul. Nowadays, some people try to combine the vine with the eucalyptus and birch in the ancient wood to make it more Chinese-style; or combine it with glass and fabric to make it more contemporary.

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