The purchase knowledge of rattan hanging chair

- Aug 16, 2018-


Looking carefully at the material, the selection of rattan is made of thick, well-proportioned and variegated vines. Inferior vines are finer, less tough, and low in tensile strength. Due to its location in the equator and tropical rainforest, Indonesia's volcanic activity is frequent and sunny all year round. The fertile volcanic ash soil makes the vines produced there famous for its full and well-balanced material. It is the main factor to check whether the rattan hanging blue is good or not, whether the overall color of the rattan rocking chair is the same, whether the bonding part is stable, and whether the appearance is correct. For the rattan chair with seat cushion, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the arc position of the seat cushion matches the arc of the furniture, whether the fabric pattern stitching is neat, and whether the floss is straight and straight.