The overall concept of outdoor furniture and the environment

- Feb 25, 2019-


When designing outdoor furniture, furniture designers pay great attention to the overall concept of outdoor furniture and environment, and strive to achieve a mutually compatible artistic conception between furniture and environment.

The relationship between outdoor furniture and the outdoor space environment has become more and more close with the expansion of human life and the change of ideas. Harmony and coordination with the environment are common problems in outdoor furniture design. Therefore, the establishment of the overall concept of environment and furniture helps to unify and systematically handle outdoor furniture in outdoor space, so that it can interpret the nature of outdoor space. And highlight the landscape environment image of the outdoor space and arrange the overall environmental function.

The outdoor furniture built under the overall environmental concept has the characteristics of system and harmony. British designers have proposed the idea of a whole building, thinking that this design direction includes not only all traditional architectural functions and engineering design, but also its interior space design, major plans, environmental layout and all other work, which will be composed of architects, engineers, and fine arts. Home and other collaborations are completed. Furniture designers believe that this view is also suitable for the design of outdoor furniture.

As mentioned above, outdoor furniture as an element of the urban landscape environment - the "props" of the city, the design of outdoor furniture can be combined with the different requirements of the environmental atmosphere under the overall structure of the elements of the landscape environment, using its form, color, texture The design elements are specially processed and arranged to make the local landscape environment clearly recognizable, and become a conspicuous directional reference material - the "memory" of the urban landscape environment, injecting new vitality into the overall landscape, making it characterized and personality. Of course, its characteristics and personality are also derived from the concept of the environment, the overall concept, combined with different functions need to determine the shape, color, materials, scales, etc. of outdoor furniture.

The combination of outdoor furniture and the outdoor space environment complements each other and expresses a thoughtful, rigorous and complete overall environmental image of its design. At the same time, due to the improvement of the effect of outdoor furniture, the outdoor space environment will be more pleasant, concise and rich in features.


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