The only way for outdoor furniture companies: brand building

- Jun 28, 2018-


Recently, in Hangzhou City, with several businesses to understand the outdoor furniture market sales. According to the merchants, at present, the area has a part of outdoor furniture purchasers. With the increase in demand for homes for this group of people, how to design a living space will also be appropriate for some outdoor furniture. Under the continuous improvement of people’s material living conditions, the concept of consumption has also changed from traditional indoor homes to outdoor leisure homes, becoming a new fashion in the home industry. In the vast outdoor space, people's spirit and physique have gained a double harvest, and this ideological concept has been growing.


Look at the development of domestic outdoor furniture business


Outdoor furniture is a new industry in China, accelerating the process of urbanization and the transformation of large-scale construction projects into landscape and function types, public leisure places with various sightseeing, recreation and entertainment as main components, and major residential areas and villas. The start-up of group projects has determined the main body of the current outdoor furniture needs, and has also led some indoor furniture manufacturers to increase the number of outdoor furniture projects. With regard to the current status of the development of many outdoor furniture companies, there are widespread cases of small companies. There are still some difficulties for SMEs occupying market players to expand their scale: brand influence is weak and unknown; there is less cooperation between peers, resources are not properly integrated and utilized, and a sense of cooperation is not strong. This is the part The characteristics of the business. Coupled with the factors of financial instability in the international market, exports have decreased, and some companies have increased their own pressure and accelerated the pace of transformation of outdoor furniture companies to the domestic market. This part of the business of outdoor furniture sales, increase the market share, so that outdoor furniture companies into an increasing trend, but also increase the competitiveness of this industry companies.


Environmental protection and low-carbon customer demand


At present, the customer's promotion of the concept of leisure has enriched the style of outdoor furniture. Widely-accepted by the imitated rattan furniture, the sleek metal furniture, and the cool summer stone tabletop furniture, there are also umbrellas and sunshades. Canopy, pergola and so on. Outdoor furniture as a leisure class home, loved by many consumers. At the same time, the author was informed that in terms of outdoor furniture from teak and rattan materials, sculpting elements such as streamlined, circular, leaves, boats, and flowers are the favorite elements of outdoor furniture.


Of course, outdoor furniture also has a large area, there is not enough space to place, whether to adapt to the domestic environment, the seasonal changes in rainy and windy, whether to stand the wind and sun and other issues to some consumers have brought confusion about the quality. The main concerns of customers are product quality, shelf life, and after-sales issues, which are nothing more than questions about the quality of the company’s products. In order to eliminate consumers' doubts, the company has added some environmentally-friendly materials to the original high-standard, high-quality outdoor furniture production process to integrate the product into an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon concept that allows customers to rest assured that the company will be at ease. Therefore, environmental protection and low carbon have also become a requirement of customers for product selection.


The impact of the brand on the company


When it comes to whether consumers will care about the selected brands, most businesses will think that the emerging industry of outdoor furniture is relatively unfamiliar and unclear to consumers. However, consumers still pay attention to brand, quality and environmental protection, but also have to wait for reasonable prices.


Although the current outdoor furniture and supplies industry is developing rapidly, domestic manufacturers have just entered the lean production stage of winning quality from the stage of low price wins. Whether they are quality varieties, design concepts, or marketing methods and channels, they have a certain degree with international brands. gap. Blind production will cause the brand to have a negative impact on the company in the future, so that the development of non-quality will not work. Brands can make consumers feel at ease and have good publicity. They will also increase brand awareness in the shortest period of time, make consumers aware of it, or increase the influence of the brand's region, which is also what companies need.


In addition, consumer awareness of outdoor furniture brands is relatively unfamiliar, and it is difficult for consumers to decisively consume. This makes the only part of the market shrink again. This will also have an impact on the overall development of the industry. Therefore, the most important thing for outdoor furniture companies in the development of the domestic market is to create their own brand, take the lead in brand awareness, and take a long-term step in the trend of the industry. This is also doomed to the company is to take the road of the brand, it can not self-devaluation in the competition, adhere to the road to a prepared brand is a trend of the enterprise.

 Source: Tencent writer: Hou Xiaojun