The most important thing of outdoor high-end wooden table and chair is anti-corrosion sunscreen

- Jul 16, 2018-


Outdoor furniture mainly includes solid wood furniture, rattan furniture, aluminum furniture, mesh tables and chairs, and other major products.

Outdoor solid wood furniture is generally made of outdoor special wood such as hawthorn, red walnut, pineapple, teak. However, these kinds of wood have anti-corrosion and sun-proof effects, so the price is different. Teak is the most expensive, followed by pineapple, and the difference between hawthorn and red walnut. Here are some woods for teak and pineapple:


1. The pineapple grid has been used as the name "iron pear wood" or "ink", belonging to the family Sumu. The trees are up to 45m high and 1.5m in diameter or more; they are distributed in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Wood loose holes. The heartwood is yellow, orange-brown, with deep and shallow intersecting stripes, the heartwood is distinct and uniform, the wood is shiny; there is no special smell; the gold wire is mixed, and the color is solemn and durable.

The material is heavy or medium to heavy, and the air dry density is 0.80-0.94 g/cm3. The texture is staggered, hard and tough, the material is stable, the pattern is beautiful, the heartwood is very durable, and it is called “redwood”. It is oily, moisture resistant and termite resistant. Extremely strong and weather resistant. The pineapple grid is the best in the existing material and is the best cost-effective material.

Of course, the outdoor furniture maintenance of this kind of wood also has its own way.

2, teak used to name "carmine tree", "blood tree", etc., some countries in Southeast Asia such as: (Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos,) China is also close to the Yunnan border, including Thailand, Myanmar. Indonesian varieties are the best.

Teak is lustrous and is best made in Myanmar. The teak is oily and bright, with uniform color and straight texture. The coarse fiber in teak structure has medium weight and very small dry shrinkage coefficient. The shrinkage rate is 2.2% from raw material to air dry and 4.0% in chord direction. It is the smallest deformation coefficient in wood and has good bending resistance. Wear resistant, air dry density of 0.65g/cm3. It is not resistant to water and fire resistance in the case of large changes in sun, rain and wet and wet; it is resistant to termites and sea worms in different sea areas, and is extremely resistant to corrosion. It has good drying performance, good adhesiveness, paint and waxing performance, good nail holding power and good comprehensive performance. Therefore, it is recognized as a valuable tree species in the world and enjoys the reputation of “King of Wanmu”.

Both pineapple and teak are high-end outdoor furniture materials, generally used in high-end star hotels and beach resorts. Beach chairs in resorts and hotels in Hainan, China are made from pineapple grid. There are also some high-end private villa gardens that will be equipped with some pineapple tables and chairs. The deck on the Titanic is made of fine Burmese teak. There are also Burmese teak used in Dubai star hotels. Therefore, it is generally necessary to buy outdoor solid wood tables and chairs to buy tables and chairs made of these two materials, value for money, high-grade extravagance.

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