the most characteristic outdoor parasols

- Jul 02, 2018-


There are about 15 types of outdoor parasols. From the simple parasol development to the unilateral parasols, Roman parasols and hanging parasols, it takes only three to four years. From this process, humans pursue leisure faith is firm and urgent, and it does not hesitate to make big strides toward luxury and extravagance.

The types of parasols about: sun umbrellas, unilateral umbrellas, banana umbrellas, roman umbrellas, bow umbrellas, parasols, wooden umbrellas, aluminum frame umbrellas, and so on. With love and vision, we talk about several outdoor parasols as following:

First, the most powerful parasol: Roman umbrella, also named 360 degree rotating umbrella. The parasol's canopy can be rotated around the parasol and can also be rotated approximately 90 degrees in a vertical angle. When the angle of sunlight changes, only the angle of the umbrella needs to be rotated without moving the umbrella or moving objects under the umbrella. The strong shading function makes people impressed and cost-effective. It is one of the best choices for outdoor shade.

Second, the most luxurious parasols: teak parasols. Teak parasols are all constructed of solid wood, with scientific design, easy handling and style atmosphere. The reason why it is the most luxurious, there are two reasons. The first is that it consists entirely of wood. Wood comes from nature, there is no cold feeling and blunt feeling of metal, and the environment is integrated. Furthermore, high-quality wood is rare. The cost of umbrellas like umbrella poles and ribs made of high quality wood itself is very high; Second, the umbrella can also be rotated 360 degrees, similar in function to the Roman umbrella. This umbrella is very easy to use, using the joystick below can be easily opened and closed.

Third, the most popular umbrellas: round umbrellas. Saying it's most popular is explained by sales data. This umbrella is the most common parasol in parks, houses, gardens, and other leisure venues. It is also the umbrella used in security booths.

Fourth, the most artistic parasols: aluminum alloy column umbrella. The biggest artistic feature of this umbrella is that it can have a night light on its pole, which is very suitable for sweet and gentle occasions under the moon. This is a column umbrella, which is usually used with tables and chairs. Second, this umbrella has a kind of cold beauty, strong frame, simple structure, like a serious brawny.

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