The material and craft of outdoor beach loungers

- Sep 25, 2018-


At present, the materials commonly used in the industry for outdoor beach chairs are solid wood (Hawthorn, pineapple, sleeve, etc.), PE vine, Teslin mesh, and wrought iron.

The characteristics of the solid wood beach chair are fresh and natural. It is made of hard solid wood (Hawthorn, pineapple, and sleeves). It is sprayed, polished, combined and sprayed with a primer, two finishes. Pay attention to the structure, the joint is stable; PE rattan outdoor beach chair is made of aluminum frame with 1.2mm thick wall and PE rattan, pure hand-made, harmonious and stable structure; mesh outdoor beach chair, its frame is also The aluminum frame is used, and the Teslin mesh cloth is used for the lying surface and the backrest. The shape is orange and light. The wrought iron outdoor beach chair has different craftsmanship. The low carbon steel outdoor beach chair made of wrought iron is added with carbon and silicon. The cast iron outdoor beach chair has a cool exterior but is extremely durable.