The maintenance of outdoor wicker planters

- Jun 21, 2018-

Outdoor wicker planters make with high quality aluminum woven PE rattan, after using a period of time, the outdoor wicker planters will accumulate dust.It can keep the outdoor wicker planters look beatiful if using the correct cleaning method. 

1, you can wipe it with soft damp cloth. If the dust in the rattan slit,it is difficult to clean, you can use a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Do not use clean water to clean the whole green leaf basket, so it will lose its elasticity and luster. In addition, after using the wet cloth, remember to use dry dishcloth to dry.

2,The following points need to be noticed by friends on the balcony. The straight sunlight will make the white outdoor wicker planters yellowed and the brown outdoor wicker planters fade. In addition, ultraviolet rays also make the rattan flower shelf brittle, resulting in shorter life. So we suggest that the friends who put the vines on the balcony can use white curtains or screen screens to separate the direct sunlight, which can protect the vines from direct sunlight and create a fresh and romantic atmosphere.

3,The outdoor wicker planters is easy to absorb moisture. When the moisture accumulates to a certain extent, the rattan flower rack will appear soft and loose. Therefore, frequent ventilation is particularly important, especially in southern areas where rainfall is more frequent. In addition, after wet cloth is wiped away, it is best to use dry cloth to do it again, and of course, it can be put in the ventilation Department, but it must not be exposed to the sun.

4,Outdoor wicker planters is a common type of flower rack, but in order to better use the rattan flower rack, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance. Maybe you haven't paid attention to the rattan maintenance knowledge before, but from now on, we hope you will be able to take care of your outdoor wicker planters carefully, for more information you can check on .