the main materials for outdoor furniture

- Jul 13, 2018-


Outdoor furniture is different from other furniture. Outdoor furniture is placed outdoors for a long time, and the wind is blowing ,the sunshine is hot, also raining. Therefore, the materials required for outdoor furniture are very particular, mainly including the following materials.

 First. Rattan furniture material - PE wicker

An alternative to rattan furniture, the color is bright and beautiful, and the PE rattan is an improved polymer material. It is soft and comfortable and durable. PE rattan material can withstand destructive experiments from minus 30 degrees to minus 120 degrees, making it ideal for outdoor wind and sun.

 Second, solid wood furniture materials mainly include teak, pineapple, hawthorn

Teak: large deciduous trees, native to South Asia. The teak sold in the market is mainly from Myanmar, and the market is commonly known as "Thai Pomelo", which is a teak. The sapwood is yellowish brown and reddish. It is distinct from the heartwood. It is about 3 cm wide. The heartwood is light brown. When it is placed in the air for a long time, it turns dark brown. The wood is shiny. It is oily and sexy. It is stable in size and corrosion resistance. And the anti-ant is strong, the sea area can resist the harm of marine drilling wood animals, the infusion is not easy, acid resistance. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and stability, the processing strength and processing properties are moderate, the trunk is tall and straight, the wood looks beautiful and the use is wide. Therefore, teak is the best and most famous broad-leaved tree in the world.

Pineapple grid: generally known as pineapple grid or Pacific iron wood. Produced in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, lustrous wood, no special smell and taste, brown to dark reddish brown, usually with deep and shallow stripes, heartwood tube holes containing yellow deposits, staggered texture, uniform structure, wood to Heavy, air dry density of 0.8-0.98/cm3, legumes of the genus. High hardness and strength. Good stability, strong corrosion resistance and anti-ant resistance, dry shrinkage, no deformation.

Imported Hawthorn: It is a genus of borneol, mainly produced in Indonesia and Malaysia. The wood is slightly lustrous, the texture is slightly staggered; the structure is slightly thick and uniform; the hardness is medium to large, the strength is high; the bending resistance, the aging resistance and the high cost performance. The cut surface is smooth, the polishing is good, and the nail holding power is strong. After the wood is heat-treated, de-wormed, anti-corrosive and stereotyped, it is processed and formed. The surface of the outdoor furniture of solid wood will be sprayed with special outdoor paint, so that it is not easy to crack, deform, rot and insects outdoors. Due to the different intensity of rain and sunlight in the area, solid wood outdoor furniture, in a certain period of time, the paint will inevitably fall off. If the paint can be treated for a certain period of time, the color will last for a long time.

 Third, mesh furniture materials - Textilene

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, UV resistance and rain resistance to aging. It has been widely used in outdoor furniture in recent years. Textilene is a special material introduced in recent years. The performance is very good. With Teslin cloth and aluminum chairs and swings, it is both light and beautiful, and is popular with consumers.

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