The important thing-check the fabric, when choice outdoor umbrellas

- Jul 13, 2018-


Outdoor umbrellas are widely used in the current leisure life. People are bored with troublesome work, so it is essential to vacation, travel, and enjoy a leisure life. In the resort, outdoor umbrellas, leisure tables and chairs can often be seen by the pool. Nowadays, on the balcony of the family, the garden of the villa can enjoy the leisure life brought by outdoor umbrellas.

There are many types of umbrellas. How can I choose a better umbrella to enjoy life? Be sure to look at the fabric of the umbrella when you shop. The UV resistance of UV protection umbrellas depends entirely on the UV protection properties of the umbrella fabric. Umbrellas with significantly thinner fabrics generally have poor UV resistance. It can also be judged according to the fabric properties of the umbrella surface.

First, it is judged from the raw materials of fabrics that polyester has strong anti-ultraviolet function because of its absorption of ultraviolet rays in the molecular structure of the benzene ring. Generally, the polyester-containing fabrics of umbrellas are colored butyl cloth, McBee, etc.;

Second, it is judged from the texture of the fabric that the satin fabric has the best ultraviolet protection performance. Followed by twill and plain weave;

The third is to judge from the specifications of the fabric. Generally, products with tight density, thick thickness and deep color have strong anti-UV function.

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