the impact of raw materials on outdoor furniture

- Jul 03, 2018-


Customized outdoor furniture has become a popular and personalized trend in the market. It is different from the assembly line in building materials supermarkets and some outdoor furniture brands. Because it is made, it is the size, size, material, There are big differences in the process and anti-corrosion treatment. When choosing custom outdoor furniture, what should be strictly checked? N believes that material, process and anti-corrosion treatment are three major problems that cannot be ignored.

Among them, the quality of raw materials has the greatest impact on the final price of furniture. Outdoor furniture is usually made of 樟 pine wood. The structure of anti-corrosion wood and surface carbonized wood is firm, the bearing capacity is good, the price is moderate, but it is easy to deform and crack. The homogenized carbonized wood is heat treated at high temperature, which reduces the hygroscopicity and stability of the wood. High, good corrosion resistance, not easy to deform and crack, but the load bearing performance is weakened and the price is also high.

With these basic common senses, experts recommend choosing the right materials according to their own situation, and don't let manufacturers choose them at will; outdoor furniture pursues nature and original ecology, the shape is usually rough and primitive, and the patterns or sculptures commonly used in interior furniture are rare. appear.

At this time, the manufacturing process of the shape, curvature and corner of the furniture becomes the standard of its exquisiteness. Therefore, this can not be ignored. Inseparable from the wind and the sun is the fate of outdoor furniture, if your furniture wants to be durable and beautiful, anti-corrosion and pest control must be done well, otherwise it will be useless.

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